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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is a clear and present serious and growing danger which is threatening American culture with balkanization and civil unrest. Whereas massive illegal immigration is de facto invasion, and whereas Article IV, § 4 of the United States Constitution clearly states that it is the function of the government to protect us from such, the State of West Virginia and the people thereof, pursuant to the Tenth Amendment, have the sovereign right and duty to take measures to protect its citizens. We look to the April 2010 Arizona immigration enforcement bill as an example of the proper response of a state legislature to this problem.

We support the vigorous enforcement of current immigration laws and are opposed to amnesty for illegals in any form. We support the strengthening of employment laws that require employers to verify the legal status of their employees and propose stiff fines and higher penalties for those who knowingly hire undocumented persons in any capacity. Furthermore, we call for state and local police forces to aggressively pursue such crimes and turn discovered persons over to federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement demanding immediate deportation to their country of origin. We oppose so-called “city of refuge” sanctuary ordinances and strongly denounce municipalities which promote them.

Because speaking and comprehending our common language is a basic precondition of good citizenship, we support the passage of “English Only” legislation making English the official and exclusive language for all governmental business by our State. We oppose bilingual ballots and strongly contest Executive Order 13166 which federally mandates them. Additionally, we are against the granting of any government benefit, including public education, to any illegal alien and support the passage of local ordinances, such as those of Hazelton, Pennsylvania in 2006 which permit residents to refuse services to illegals.

Originally adopted on September 23, 2006. Updated and revised for style on April 24, 2010