Betty Quintana for Agriculture Commissioner

Betty Quintana

Write-in for Agriculture Commissioner

Hometown: Blacksville, West Virginia

Betty grew up on a dairy farm in Smithfield, Pennsylvania with her mother, father and two brothers. After graduating from Masontown High School (also in PA), she attended Clarion University, majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Geology. She followed that up with post-graduate work at Penn State in Ecology. Betty has four children, all with college degrees with focus in sciences.

“I was part of 4H and juvenile Grange and later worked as a leader for 4H dairy goats. I worked in the tobacco fields of Connecticut during high school. I have taught in three different states including Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Some of my proudest moments include founding the Pennsylvania Cleanways program in Fayette and Greene counties and organizing taxpayer groups in Greene, Westmoreland and Fayette counties. After retiring from teaching, I maintain a service where I give lectured nature walks emphasizing edible and medicinal wild plants.”

The issues Betty is concerned with the most are erosion, pollution and the use of pesticides. “I am a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture because I care, plain and simple.”