John Miller for State Auditor

John Miller

Write-in for State Auditor

Hometown: Fort Ashby, West Virginia

John Miller was born in Cumberland, Maryland in 1980 and has lived in Mineral County for the past thirty-two years. He is a graduate of Frankfort High School and began his career in the communications industry, first as a subcontractor for Sprint, and then as a cell phone tower installer. He worked as a Class I licensed water operator for the Public Service District of Frankfort leaving due to his opposition to their water fluoridation program. John then spent two years working for the West Virginia Labor Union and is currently employed as a construction laborer and carpenter.

“I am a strong advocate for a return to gold and silver coin money as mandated by Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, and call for West Virginia to establish a state bank such as has recently been done in North Dakota where their residents are now experiencing a surge in local prosperity. As State Auditor, I will work to root out corruption in our public finances and will campaign to expose our hidden assets as revealed by close scrutiny of our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. West Virginia has billions of dollars invested in institutional funds which bear enough regular compound interest to cover all of our state‚Äôs expenses and would allow us to be an income tax-free state.” More information on the truth about our state and local governments having excesses of our tax dollars squirreled-away in hidden accounts can be found at