Lou Manley for U.S. House, 1st District

Lou Manley

Write-in for U.S. House of Representatives, 1st District

Hometown: Bruceton Mills, West Virginia

Since 1976 Lou has been the co-founder, brother, and owner of Manley Blade Custom Knife Shop (Manley Blade: Registered U.S. Trademark & Patent Office), selling mostly in West Virginia through six dealers and a few internationally as Knife Makers Guild Members (presently registered but inactive). Many recognize Lou Manley because the West Virginia state facility called “Tamarack,” in Beckley had his full size artists portrait/name on display for Ten Years! He earned his undergraduate Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) Degree from Fairmont State College and has spent ten years post graduate doing independent research on estate planning, international finance, and irrevocable trust law. He worked for seven years in the field assisting the mentally handicapped and as an acting director of a special project at Spencer State Hospital. He was then hired as the executive director of another rehabilitation center overseeing a one million dollar annual budget. Additionally, Lou has ten years of home school parenting both in and out of country and is a Private Attorney General (PAG). He is also an independent media photojournalist, investigative reporter, and author of the soon to be released book Bank Teller Katydid. His educational outreach featuring hard to find books and DVD’s on liberty can be found at www.toolsforfreedom.com/?click=40370

“Living in Preston County for the past eleven years with my great family, and my wonderful wife Mary Lou of 27 years, I am very proud of my two sons and three step daughters. My sincere religious convictions have led me to faithfully attend and support Noah’s Ark Ministries as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Having experienced miracles and miraculous healing in my life, now, more than ever, we surly need divine intervention throughout America today.”

Lou’s reason for running as the Constitution Party Candidate for U.S. House, 1st Congressional District can best be understood by watching the video which he recorded, “Preston Taxpayers Outraged, 1st Amendment Trampled” at prestonfreepress.blogspot.com. Evidence of what Lou refers to as his “final straw” of widespread county corruption is captured on this video. “Video records of official county activities are a very powerful tool. My goal is to have all twenty counties in the first congressional district equipped with their own ‘freepress.blogspot’ so each will have the power of the ‘Free Press,’ liberty education, and a venue to easily share local county issues. Having read thousands of legal documents, such as The Constitution for the united States of America, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, as well as the public documents of our sworn enemies such as The Communist Manifesto, the UN Charter, the UN Agenda 21, and The Bankers Manifestos, I have come to realize that we must be careful to distinguish between what is legal and what is lawful, between the de facto and the de jure. I won my first case by presentments sui juris against Goliath odds (versus, reportedly, a Rockefeller subsidiary) in part because of NOT hiring an attorney and thereby NOT becoming a ‘ward of the court.’ This victory for me and my family protected our common law God-given and unalienable rights, our property rights, and ultimately earned me a seat on the West Virginia statewide Environmental Council Board.”

Lou is applying to run, NOT as a 14th Amendment US citizen (which is a Federal slave), but rather as a declared West Virginia state Citizen and American National under the original organic 1789 Constitution for the united States of America. “God bless you and yours. I personally commend you for having the insight and courage to read our Constitution Party website, and I encourage you to vote for each and everyone of us (where appropriate). Also, I now ask for your vote and your support.” For more information on his campaign and positions, Lou can be reached at:

E-Mail: writeinLouManleyforCongress@mail.com
Lou Manley, RBA, PAG
USPS Chamber No. 536
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia state 26525 USA