Jeffrey-Frank.. Jarrell for State Senate

Jeffrey-Frank.. Jarrell

Petitioning for ballot access for State Senate, 2nd District

Hometown: Wileyville, West Virginia

Jeffrey-Frank..Jarrell was born in Fort Meade, Maryland, and raised near and in New Martinsville. He graduated from Magnolia High School in New Martinsville in 1975 and has been married for thirty-two years raising three children. He has six grandchildren and three great grandchildren and currently lives in Wileyville in Wetzel County. He has worked in a service station as both an attendant and mechanic, worked as a construction laborer for Ormet Corporation, was a heavy equipment and overhead crane operator for over ten years, is a member of Local 5724 USWA, and has been employed as a millwright, among other associated jobs, for the past twenty-two years

Jeffrey-Frank lists his influences and heroes as GOD, his parents and grand parents, several teachers, our founding fathers, the Constitution, John Glen, Neil Armstrong, Chuck Yeager, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, John F. Kennedy, and Sheriff Richard Mack. He has served as trustee and is presently vice chairman of the Constitution Party of West Virginia, and was the party’s 2008 candidate for Sheriff of Wetzel County. Additionally, he is an instructor/shootboss for the Appleseed Project, is an adherent of the Erwin Rommel School of Law, is an active member of the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and the United States Concealed Carry Association, and is also a practitioner of Tai Kwan Do.

Second amendment infringement is a key issue for Jeffrey-Frank. “The Second Amendment allows the few to protect the many. Once rights are lost, they are almost impossible to regain.”

Education is another important issue for him. “Our young people will one day be our representatives. They need to learn early on about what their adult responsibilities will be. Particularly important is property ownership. With property taxes, one is paying perpetual rent for their property and can never fully own it outright. This is the old feudal system. We need to return to allodial title which is free and clear real ownership.”