Phil Hudok for U.S. SenatePhil Hudok

Petitioning for ballot access for U.S. Senate

Hometown: Huttonsville, West Virginia

A lifelong West Virginia resident, Phil Hudok is married and the father of four daughters ages 17-21. He and his wife are teachers at Pickens School, the smallest public school in the state. Lynn teaches all the secondary mathematics, and Phil teaches all the science. He received a BA degree in Physics–General Science from West Liberty State College and a Masters in Educational Computing from the University of Charleston. Phil also owns and operates Century Photo (a photography and video business which he started in 1972) and is the media producer and archives webmaster for the non-denominational Call to Decision Christian Ministries and Bible study group which is a central part of his family’s life.

The Call to Decision fellowship is committed to studying, understanding, and living a Christian life as outlined in the Holy Bible. “When one is committed to Christian principles, one often finds oneself at odds in a decaying society. I have been led to take several stands which garnered national attention.” On December 24, 2000, the West Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Phil be re-instated as a school teacher following his dismissal for refusing to enforce students wearing bar-coded IDs at Elkins High School. The Rutherford Institute provided his defense on grounds of religious freedom. Then, on August 8, 2008, Phil, Pastor Butch Paugh, and Butch’s brother Richard became the first holders of non-biometric West Virginia driver’s licenses. “After an eight year ordeal of petitioning and refusing to surrender biometric facial images for state-and-beyond criminal database entry, the Governor, Joe Manchin, directed the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to accommodate our convictions. The state simply stores a printed copy of our driver’s license in Charleston. However, Governor Tomblin’s administration has reneged on this directive. Additionally, I am now battling the health department over opposition to forced vaccinations for my daughter Olivia who is entering her senior year of high school.”

“I credit Jesus and the Call to Decision fellowship for the spiritual foundation, my parents for a good solid upbringing, my family for support, and the founders of this country for the opportunity, for any success I have had or will ever have in the future.” Phil was the Constitution Party’s 2010 candidate for Congress from the 2nd Congressional District where he garnered 1.7% of the vote versus Shelley Moore Capito. He was also a write-in candidate for governor in 2012. He is now the party’s 2014 candidate for U.S. Senate. “I serve God, family, and country in that order. The New World Order is an anathema to everything I believe in. That is what motivates me to pursue political office.” More information on Phil can be found at his campaign site,