Jeff Becker for U.S. SenateJeff Becker

Write in for U.S. Senate

Hometown: Terra Alta, West Virginia

Born in Lexington, Kentucky at the onset of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Jeff grew up in New England and Ohio. He learned to ski in Stowe, Vermont where his family ran a restaurant/lodge and lived for a year in historic Concord, Massachusetts. From there, his family relocated to the Toledo, Ohio area where he earned his Eagle Scout rank by age thirteen and graduated from Perrysburg High School. He enlisted in the Air National Guard as a weapons system mechanic at age seventeen (re-enlisted in the West Virginia unit at age forty-one as an aircraft electrician), attended Bowling Green State University and then graduated from Ohio State University with a BS degree in Welding Engineering. Jeff then worked in the machine tool industry in and around the Detroit area for the next fifteen years becoming a registered PE and earning his Masters Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).

Relocating to the Mountain State after a few years in New Jersey at the GM Linden truck plant, Jeff worked for a few more years in manufacturing and then switched gears becoming a supplemental health insurance agent with AFLAC. Speaking with business owners and their employees to develop new accounts in this entrepreneurial endeavor helped him to develop and hone his interpersonal skills. He got involved in Republican politics in 2000 with a congressional race and then became the eastern panhandle coordinator for a 2002 U.S. senate campaign. Jaded by that party’s lack of commitment to principles, he joined the nascent Constitution Party of West Virginia and since 2004, has served as trustee, chairman, and currently secretary. In these capacities, Jeff has been instrumental in coordinating petition drive ballot access for their 2008 presidential and 2010 congressional candidates. He ran for U.S. Senate in the 2010 special election garnering 1.2% of the vote after only two months of campaigning and less than a thousand dollars in fundraising. He is a ski instructor at the Wisp Resort, enjoys golf, following ice hockey, and is an avid record collector.

“I am running for office because United States Senators going around Washington picking each other’s pockets trying to bring back other state’s cash as their own pork may be some form of political gamesmanship, but it is certainly not the vision that our founders had for this position. The U.S. Senate was designed to represent our states in federal congress, specifically West Virginia’s one hundred delegates and thirty-four state senators as well as our governor. The people are directly represented by their U.S. Representatives. I am not interested in pandering for votes or becoming a fourth member of West Virginia’s House delegation. My direct constituents will be the state legislature. When elected, I plan on working with them to nullify unconstitutional federal legislation, and interpose against poor judicial decisions (which are not law). I want to get Washington, DC off the backs of West Virginians. That is what I will do for the Mountain State.”