Constitution Party of West Virginia Endorses Roy Moore for U. S. Senate

Judge-Roy-Moore-050b23The Constitution Party of West Virginia has unanimously endorsed Roy Moore for U.S. Senate in the state of Alabama. We recognize that it is of extreme importance that government representatives be knowledgeable of the history and founding principles that established the United States. Moore has proven that he does.  Roy Moore is an experienced and proven practitioner, skilled in the Rule of Law. Roy Moore has shown himself to be an uncompromising foe of the entrenched globalist-serving establishment.

There is a disturbing trend of unfounded and prejudicial media vilification aimed at the political assassination of Roy Moore which has not been proven. On the contrary, there is evidence showing that the accusations being make against Roy Moore are false.

Roy Moore was the clear choice of the people of Alabama to represent them in United States Senate against Luther Strange. It was also clear that the GOP leadership did not like this decision. As such, it was the opinion of both the West Virginia and National Constitution Parties that we should support the people of Alabama’s right to decide the outcome of the upcoming election for U. S. Senate .

Therefore the Constitution Party of West Virginia unanimously endorses Roy Moore in his bid to represent the People of America as well as the good people of Alabama. Additionally, the Constitution Party of West Virginia applauds the decision of the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party  to support Roy Moore. The state party extends an appeal that all like-minded and concerned people of West Virginia join with us in a united effort to place Roy Moore in the United States Senate.

License Plates: Who’s is Coolist?

Just a sampling of some current license plates as seen on West Virginia’s roads.

Tea Party Hijackers


by Raymond Kish, Vice-Chairman and 2010 Candidate CP of Missouri

The Tea Party needs to make a choice between an “R” or a “D”, or so says Sarah Palin. The GOP rock star told an audience full of Tea Party members in Arkansas on Tuesday night, Feb. 16, that the Independents, who make up the Tea Party movement, need to start thinking about picking a party.

I think she is right. The Tea Party needs to make a choice, but not from within the two-party system that Palin claims we are stuck with. The Tea Party needs to decide right now whether they are going to let this movement be stolen by failed establishment candidates, or whether or not it is going to press forward and elect independent and third party candidates.

We do have choices, and they are not limited to Republicans and Democrats.
The Tea Party, from its beginning, was formed in response to the failure of both parties to listen to the will of the people. For Sarah Palin to suggest that we should pick between those same two failed parties is an insult. The rank in file members of the Tea Party movement should throw their current leaders out on their ear for allowing a movement of independents and Constitutionalists to be highjacked by either party.

Palin rightly points out that the Tea Party is not a Political party and cannot run candidates, but she is wrong to say there are only two choices because there is another choice: The Constitution Party. The Constitution Party has candidates running for office all across the United States, and the Constitution Party platform fits the Tea Party like a glove.

The Republicans and Democrats share the blame for our current economic crisis, and neither party has any real solution on how to fix it. Both parties gave us bailouts and stimulus programs adding mountains of debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back. In spite of all that money being spent, we still had 473,000 people file for unemployment benefits in the second week of February and have lost over 8 million jobs since 2007. With a track record like that, there is no reason whatsoever that America should choose between either party currently in power.
To say we have to pick between two incompetent choices is absolute lunacy. What America needs to do right now is make the decision not to return either Party back to Washington or any State office for that matter. Vote in a party with American ideas; a Party who has an American view of how the government should be run; a party that realizes that the Constitution is more than a word you say at a rally to get some applause. They need to vote in The Constitution Party.
If Palin was a true tea party patriot, she would not be asking us to choose between a Marxist party and a Fascist party. She would be leading her followers to a truly American party. . . . . The Constitution Party.

We are a nation, who is ruled by the consent of the governed. It is time the people remove their consent from the two establishment parties and put a Constitution Party candidate into office. The only way for both establishment parties to get the message is for both establishment parties to lose. To vote for either a Republican or a Democrat is to give your consent to two political parties who have made a living out of betraying the American people, our Founding Fathers and our Constitution, which each one swears fidelity to upon taking office.

America, don’t be fooled. Neither establishment party can be trusted. Send the hijackers packing, and let’s continue to build upon a truly great movement of the people.

CPWV Lobbies for Party Qualification Bill

On Monday, February 14, 2011, three CPWV officers gave some Valentine’s Day love to our state legislators by spending the day at the Capitol Complex in Charleston and lobbying for Senate Bill 417. S.B. 417 (LINK: was introduced earlier in the month by Senator Clark Barnes and would expand political party qualification nine-fold to any statewide office candidate who garnered at least 1% of the vote. Currently an organization of voters only has one (1) chance every four years with one (1) candidate for governor. Additionally, this bill provides a tenth way to qualify the party via voter registration numbers.

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