Phil Hudok named to SPLC list of 12 Extreme Candidates

CPWVa U.S. Senate Candidate Phil Hudok has had the honor of just being named to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s summer list of the twelve most extreme political candidates. Their stated basis for this nomination is his history of “Christian-based activism,” and the article goes on to list three of Phil’s recent religious freedom legal victories. The article profiles Phil next to Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live fame, and also includes 2004 Constitution Party presidential nominee, Michael Peroutka, among others. The entire article can be read on Phil’s website at

Three months ago, the FBI dumped the SPLC as a legitimate resource of “hate crime” information largely because of their unbalanced targeting of Christian groups. SOURCE:


We are on our way to ballot access for the General Election this year. Help us get our lead candidate Phil Hudok in the race for U.S. Senate. Please visit his campaign website at the following link for specific information on WHAT YOU CAN DO, or better yet, give us a call!

Phil Hudok speaks at TEA Party meetings

On Friday, November 8, U.S. Senate candidate Phil Hudok gave an informative PowerPoint presentation to the Hampshire County TEA Party in Romney. The presentation outlining the signs of the times included audio/video of the float which he designed that features a 7 and 1/2 foot high smoke-ring blowing Obama head. He explained how Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution was not being followed and how a return to the “Rule of Law” could undo the recent damage inflicted on the “Republic” by Mr. Obama and his globalist handlers.

Phil Hudok speaks to Nicholas County Tea Party - Oct 29 2013Previously, Phil had given his presentation to the Nicholas County TEA Party (October 29, 2013) and also at the God and Country rally in Elkins on July 4th

Nashville Convention Wrap Up

Former Virginia Congressman, Virgil Goode has been nominated as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate for 2012. At the national party convention in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, Mr. Goode garnered 203 nomination votes. Darrell Castle (TN), the CP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee, received 120 votes, Robby Wells (SC) 58, Susan Ducey (KS) 15, and Laurie Roth (WA) 6.
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Resolution on CP Presidential Candidates

At its April 5, 2012 conference call meeting duly assembled, the CPWV Executive Committee adopted the following resolution regarding endorsement of presidential candidates by our delegates to the national party nominating convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Whereas, individuals have approached the Constitution Party and the Constitution Party of West Virginia to seek nomination for political office who have not before been affiliated with the Party,

Whereas, we seek candidates who are committed to the Party’s platform,

And, whereas we are interested in attracting candidates who are committed to the long term growth of the Party,

Resolved, therefore, that we the members of the Constitution Party of West Virginia direct our delegates to the National Convention to support only candidates for President who pledge their unqualified endorsement of the Seven Principles of the Party platform, Read more

Nashville Delegation Fund-Raiser

We are SIXTY ONE PERCENT (61%) towards our goal! ~$920 raised so far. B.Q. sent $99. A.J. pledged $25. J.R. pledged $25. J.B. pledged $30. D.S. pledged $100. J.J. pledged $100. C.S. Chipped-In $25. N.R. pledged $100. K.L. pledged $50. J.W. sent $100. G.S. sent $50. B.D. sent $50 and has pledged to send another $50. R.M. sent $10. R.C. sent $40. P.H. sent $25. J.H. pledged $25. M.F. pledged $25. S.B. sent $10. A.M. pledged $20. G.W. pledged $10. K.H. M.R., K.N., R.K., T.W., B.L., M.S., D.Q. and A.B. also sending checks. Thank you all! Remember that we made a commitment to reimburse our delegation for their travel expenses (over $700) to Nashville. Please help us raise the remaining 39%.

Since PayPal takes almost 6%, we would prefer it if you would please send us a personal check instead (made out to “CPWV”) to:

Constitution Party of West Virginia
PO Box 458
Daniels, WV 25832

The Constitution Party of West Virginia has six (6) delegation votes for our presidential candidates this year. So far, there are eight (8) declared candidates for our national party’s presidential nomination. Read more

Spirit of ’76 for Phil HudOK – WRITE-IN for Governor

Appropriately enough, Phil Hudok received seventy six (76) official write-in votes in this year’s special election for governor. However, there were 425 total write-in votes recorded ( as shown by the Secretary of State’s report ), so why were 268 not counted? This MUST BE INVESTIGATED!

A sincere thank you to everyone who voted for Phil on October 4th.

Phil is from Huttonsville near Elkins in Randolph County and was the CP’s ballot-qualified candidate for U.S. Congress, 2nd District last year. More information about Phil and his candidacy can be found on his campaign website at
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Redistricting Ideas & Maps Online

Constitution Party of West Virginia Chairman Jeff Becker has placed a number of redistricting ideas with detailed color maps on his website at Columnist Phil Kabler commented on them in his West Virginia Gazette article last week:

There is a 30-member House of Delegates redistricting team that is holding meetings around the state on these, as well as John Unger’s State Senate task force. More information on these and other legislative activities can be found at
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CPWV Lobbies for Party Qualification Bill

On Monday, February 14, 2011, three CPWV officers gave some Valentine’s Day love to our state legislators by spending the day at the Capitol Complex in Charleston and lobbying for Senate Bill 417. S.B. 417 (LINK: was introduced earlier in the month by Senator Clark Barnes and would expand political party qualification nine-fold to any statewide office candidate who garnered at least 1% of the vote. Currently an organization of voters only has one (1) chance every four years with one (1) candidate for governor. Additionally, this bill provides a tenth way to qualify the party via voter registration numbers.

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House Bill Says Special Governor’s Elections In May and August

House Bill Says Election Days In May and August


State Capitol

A bill introduced in the House of Delegates Wednesday sets the timeline for a primary and general election for governor this year.

The bill, HB2552, says the primary election will be held on May 14 and the general election August 6.

House Minority Leader Tim Armstead, one of the bill’s sponsors, says the bill would change state code that allows for party conventions to determine the nominees in a special election for governor.

Armstead said during a floor speech Wednesday he doesn’t believe conventions would be the proper way to choose nominees for governor.

“I think it’s so important today, as we move forward, that we determine what our direction will be and we move forward quickly in that direction and I believe that direction should be a primary election,” Armstead said.

Bill supporters say the cost of a primary election would not be prohibitive.

“A convention will not give the people of West Virginia adequate input into this process,” Armstead said.

The bill also sets out to change the current gubernatorial succession language and would require any future state Senate President acting as governor to give notice of a special election within 10 days of the vacancy occurring.

The state Supreme Court handed down an order Tuesday ( COURT DECISION CAN BE READ AT: ) that said acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin would have to issue a proclamation to have a special election before Nov. 15.

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