Hudok Challenges Capito to a Debate

Phil Hudok, Constitution Party of West Virginia Candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Issues a Challenge to debate.
Huttonsville W.Va. – In order to promote a credible election process of informed voters, Phil Hudok, Second Congressional District Constitution Party candidate, challenges Republican incumbent, Shelly Moore Capito, and Democrat challenger, Virginia Graf, to a public debate.
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There’s a November 2010 Election Brewing For Byrd’s Seat

Attorney General Darrell McGraw, responding to questions posed by Manchin yesterday, has just concluded that the governor can declare a special election to fill what remains of Byrd’s term. Manchin sought the legal opinion after joining a growing push to hold a vote earlier than 2012, when Byrd would have faced re-election.
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Byrd Succession Hinges on Ambiguous West Virginia Laws

West Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin will have to appoint a successor to replace Sen. Robert Byrd, who died early this morning at the age of 92 — and with ambiguous state rules making it unclear exactly what the replacement process will entail, his next step is anyone’s guess.
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