State Meeting – Weston, THIS Saturday Nov. 12

The next state meeting of the Constitution Party of West Virginia will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at noon. The location of this meeting will be Kathy’s Kitchen in Weston, Lewis County (centrally located). The address is 143 Water Street. Easy to find.  See the directions below. This meeting is open to the public.

The CPWV will nominate and elect its Executive Committee officers for the 2012-2013 term. The elected Chairman will also appoint officers to other positions. Those of you interested in being actively involved with our party administration need to first be registered to vote Constitution Party and current with annual party dues. You can do this at your county courthouse and check the “Other Party” box on the voter registration form followed by writing “Constitution” on the line.

Also on the agenda are platform position revisions for Sanctity of Life, Election Reform, Community Decency, and new positions for Education, and Animal “Rights.” Additionally, we will be discussing our internet presence and strategery via Facebook, Yahoo, Photobucket, PayPal, and Ebay accounts. The April 2012 National Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Nashville will also be a key topic of interest with plans being made to attend.

– Main streets in Weston are one-way.
– Heading either north or south on I-79, take Exit 99, then turn LEFT (some GPSs have this wrong) onto Rt33/Rt119 [east] toward Weston.
– Travel approx 3 miles to a junction with Main St/Rt19.  Get in the center lane at this point and turn LEFT onto Main St [south].
– Stay in the Right lane and travel .1 mile and take the first RIGHT, staying on Rt33/Rt119.
– Travel a very short distance and take the first LEFT onto Water St. (It’s before the bridge.)
– Kathy’s Kitchen is on the right.  There is a city parking lot next door with several free spaces (no meters) according to Kathy’s.
– Cut and paste the following HTML for the map:

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