House Bill Says Special Governor’s Elections In May and August

House Bill Says Election Days In May and August


State Capitol

A bill introduced in the House of Delegates Wednesday sets the timeline for a primary and general election for governor this year.

The bill, HB2552, says the primary election will be held on May 14 and the general election August 6.

House Minority Leader Tim Armstead, one of the bill’s sponsors, says the bill would change state code that allows for party conventions to determine the nominees in a special election for governor.

Armstead said during a floor speech Wednesday he doesn’t believe conventions would be the proper way to choose nominees for governor.

“I think it’s so important today, as we move forward, that we determine what our direction will be and we move forward quickly in that direction and I believe that direction should be a primary election,” Armstead said.

Bill supporters say the cost of a primary election would not be prohibitive.

“A convention will not give the people of West Virginia adequate input into this process,” Armstead said.

The bill also sets out to change the current gubernatorial succession language and would require any future state Senate President acting as governor to give notice of a special election within 10 days of the vacancy occurring.

The state Supreme Court handed down an order Tuesday ( COURT DECISION CAN BE READ AT: ) that said acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin would have to issue a proclamation to have a special election before Nov. 15.


2 Responses to “House Bill Says Special Governor’s Elections In May and August”
  1. jbecker says:

    No word yet on weather there will be reduced signature requirements for the compressed schedule, or even if candidates for this election will be able to qualify parties for ballot access.

    However, upon reading the court decision, it is assuring to note that the 2010 special senate election was mentioned. This election occurred just barely 100 days from the proclamation. The Secretary of State has commented that she would need a minimum of 195 days to prepare for a special election.

    If signature requirements for both ballot access and filing fee waiver are both reduced by 3/4 as in the past, AND if this election will officially qualify the party early for 2012, it would be IMPERATIVE that we make an all out effort to get a candidate on the ballot for this election. “Neither rain nor snow nor sleet or hail…”

  2. jbecker says:

    On January 19, eleven West Virginia Delegates, all Republicans, introduced HB 2552. It sets forth detailed rules for the special gubernatorial election this year. It provides that the three qualified parties should nominate by primary, held on May 14. It sets the general election for August 6. Independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, must submit a petition of 1,766 signatures by April 28. Candidates who do not wish to pay the filing fee need a petition in lieu of filing fee that must be signed by 1,740 signatures. Here is the text of the bill.