Hudok Challenges Capito to a Debate

Phil Hudok, Constitution Party of West Virginia Candidate for the United States House of Representatives, Issues a Challenge to debate.
Huttonsville W.Va. – In order to promote a credible election process of informed voters, Phil Hudok, Second Congressional District Constitution Party candidate, challenges Republican incumbent, Shelly Moore Capito, and Democrat challenger, Virginia Graf, to a public debate.

Press Release
For Immediate Release Contact: Phil Hudok
September 29, 2010
W (304) 924-5525
H (304) 335-2826

A non-partisan group or organization such as a college or university political science department, agreeable to the candidates, shall conduct a radio broadcast or televised public debate. If agreeable to the candidates and the hosting organization, the debate should include opening candidate statements followed by questions from the hosting organization and public. The hosting organization and candidates shall determine whether questions from the public are fielded via a moderator or directly presented by the public.
A copy of this press release is being sent to Shelly Moore Capito and Virginia Graf. A prompt reply is requested. Groups or organizations interested in hosting this debate, and media outlets interested in attending are encouraged to contact the candidates.


One Response to “Hudok Challenges Capito to a Debate”
  1. jbecker says:

    It is strange (or telling) that Shelley Capito has not scheduled at least one debate yet. In 2000, she debated not only her Democrat opponent, but also Libertarian challenger John Brown. She debated Jim Humphreys again in 2002, Eric Wells in 2004, Mike Callahan in 2006, and Anne Barth in 2008.

    If she doesn’t show up at the NAACP candidate forum in Charles Town tonight, and/or doesn’t debate Phil, it is quite clear that Shelley Moore Capito is running scared this election.