November 13 Meeting – Weston

On Sept. 11, the CPWV held it’s 3rd quarter executive committee meeting in Elkins. See the “Meetings” category for the report. Our 4th quarter meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, November 13 at the Steer Steak House in Weston. The meeting will begin at 2:00 and run to approximately 5pm. NOTE: THIS IS A TIME CHANGE FROM EARLIER ANNOUNCEMENT. NOT NOON. TWO (2:00) PM. sorry for any inconvenience.

This restaurant is located in the Market Place Mall shopping center. ADDRESS & PHONE: 100 Market Place Mall # 9, Weston, WV 26452-6944, (304) 269-7666. This is located on Rt. 33 right next to I-79, exit 99. See map for specific directions.

Agenda to follow. We will be covering all of our election results, and planning for future contests, so you won’t want to miss this one. Hope to see you there!


One Response to “November 13 Meeting – Weston”
  1. jbecker says:

    This meeting concluded a few hours ago. It was very productive. Six officers were present, so we definitely had a quorum. Myself and Phil Hudok reviewed our candidate experiences. Two platform positions, “Term Limits.” and “The Second Amendment and Personal Defense” were approved, along with a resolution on “Secret Societies.” Also approved was our complete 2011 meeting and event schedule (refer to the calendar on this website). Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, January 8 in the Lewisburg/White Sulphur Springs area. Details to be posted here in a few weeks. Safe and happy holidays everyone!