William Penn Signs Peace Treaty

On June 23, 1683, William Penn and Delaware Chief Tamenend (Lenni Lenape tribe) signed a peace treaty in Shackamoxon, Pennsylvania. Tamenend was also called Tammany. He was renowned for his honor and the Tammany societies were thus named after him. In exchange for a long list of supplies, William Penn purchased two plots of land on and between the Pennypack and Neshaminy Rivers from the Chief. The area of land they where sharing was given to Penn by King Charles II.


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  1. jbecker says:

    James G. Landis, a West Virginia author from Petersburg, has written a four volume set on the Lenapes called “The Conquest Series,” linked here: http://www.christianlearning.org/TheConquestSeries.html

    The Conquest Series is a saga of the Delaware Indians. This novel in four volumes recounts the events that led to the loss of the Delaware homeland, a homeland given them by the Great Spirit hundreds of years before the Europeans arrived.
    Volume I: The Lenape Homeland
    Volume II: The Homeland in My Heart
    Volume III: Tomahawks to Peace
    Volume IV: The Final Conquest