WV Resident Wants State Officials To Pay Up … In Gold & Silver Coins

Raleigh county resident, and WV Constitution Party Treasurer Gene Stalnaker strongly believes in the US Constitution. But, he feels that state officials are refusing to live up to the oath they swore to uphold. Stalnaker, like many other state residents, want the state to pay them in gold or silver coins, like the constitution instructs them to.

gold and silver coins

"No State shall … make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;…

Stalnaker, a law abiding, hard working and taxpaying WV citizen has taken his request to state officials. What he has received in return is a tax audit by the state, and told by both Deputy Tax Commissioner Craig Griffith & Treasurer John Purdue that if he wants gold or silver, “go to a bank, cash your tax check and buy some gold & silver coins.”

In fact, Stalnaker says that Purdue’s office told him if he did not cash the state tax refund check by the dated deadline, they would turn over his money to the “Unclaimed Property” division. And we all know that if you don’t claim the money within a specific amount of time, the state can take it.

When he requested a face to face with tax man Chris Morris (pictured left), he was told by one staff member that “he does not make appointments with the public.” John Purdue agreed to meet with Stalnaker and other concerned citizens. Stalnaker noted that Purdue, and his deputy, Paul Hill, showed up late claiming he was in a meeting with the governor discussing the economy.

During their brief meeting, Stalnaker said he had prepared a written outline to Commissioner Purdue to better explain what he was wanting. He said about 30 seconds into Purdue reading the letter, the Commissioners “jaw dropped about 3 feet.” Then standing straight up, Purdue said “I can’t answer this.” Several days later, Stalnaker received a letter from an attorney with the state who informed him they would not comply with his request, and they only paid tax refunds by check, which, according to the state is legal tender.

Bottom line, WV does not have any gold or silver coins on hand, and has no plans to get any. Read more

Write-in candidate Paugh pitches W.Va. sovereignty

As Uncle Sam tightens his wallet and lets fewer dollars trickle down to the states for highways, Constitution Party gubernatorial hopeful Butch Paugh sees a golden opportunity for West Virginia to turn free enterprise loose and spawn a healthier business climate.

Pastor Butch Paugh

Pastor Butch Paugh

That done, the write-in candidate theorizes, more businesses will invest huge sums in the state, creating more jobs and, in turn, expanding a tax base so that adequate dollars flow into the coffers of the financially strapped Division of Highways.

“We can build the tax base without increasing taxes if we would let the people produce more and not punish them for being a West Virginia citizen,” the Nettie resident told The Register-Herald editorial board.

“Businesses don’t like it here because of the tax structure. You can’t tax people into prosperity. That does not work. When you’re already on the bottom, kicking them again doesn’t work.”

Paugh says the state needs to take a penetrating and comprehensive look at how neighboring Virginia operates with lower taxes and a larger tax base. Read more