Meet Constitution Party’s Howard Phillips

Candidate says GOP has ‘forfeited any claim on conservative support’

In California, it’s known as the American Independent Party. In Missouri, it’s the U.S. Taxpayers Party, and in Arkansas, the Conservative Party. But by whatever name, supporters of Howard Phillips for president believe they are the party of America’s founding fathers.

Former Arkansas State legislator Jim Bob Duggar (L) with Howard Phillips.

Former Arkansas State legislator Jim Bob Duggar (L) with Howard Phillips.

Officially recognized as theĀ  Constitution Party’s presidential nominee, Phillips will appear on ballots in 42 states this November. He was first nominated in 1992 as the U.S. Taxpayer Party’s presidential candidate in the party’s inaugural convention and again in 1996. Then at the 1999 Labor Day weekend convention, delegates re-identified themselves as the “Constitution Party” and again nominated their founder. Now in his third presidential candidacy, Phillips explained his party’s philosophy.

“We have to have a vision of victory,” he said. “We have to have a plan of winning. Ours is very simple: It is to reduce the federal government to the powers delegated to it by the states and enumerated in the complete text of the Constitution.”

Asked to explain the differences between Constitutionalists and other political parties, the candidate said the differences can be boiled down to each party’s “source of authority.”

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One Response to “Meet Constitution Party’s Howard Phillips”
  1. Jeff Becker says:

    I met Howard Phillips for the first time at the 2001 Conservative Political Action Conference in Crystal City, Virginia. His producer, Art Harman, was in the hall handing out flyers to his presentation at the Mariott Hotel across the street (either Howard couldn’t get a slot at the busy CPAC, or the neocons were displeased with his presence). Anyway, he autographed a Federalist Society pocket Constitution for me. This was all after having met his 2000 running mate, J. Curtis Frazier, at an open mike free speech rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in October. (It was from Dr. Frazier that I learned, for the first time, of the very existence of the recently renamed Constitution Party which then sent me on a crash course to learn as much as possible about its platform and candidates prior to the November 2000 election).

    On the eve of the election, I distinctly remember a debate on one of the cable news channels between Mr. Phillips and Libertarian presidential nominee Harry Browne. When the subject of Life came up, Howard summarily put Mr. Browne in his place. Needless to say, I was impressed. The following day, I was one of 23 West Virginians to cast a write-in vote for Howard Phillips… and that was only possible thanks to some pro bono legal action by a sympathetic WV attorney.

    After having gotten involved with the CP, I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Phillips a second time at the CP National Meeting in Columbus, Ohio; This time having lunch with him and ’04 presidential nominee Michael Peroutka. And, I am fortunate to live near northern Virginia where I have been able to drive into Vienna on a few occasions (though not as often as I’d like) to attend Conservative Caucus meetings.

    Howard is a great guy, family man, excellent and interesting speaker. If you get the chance to see or meet him, take it. Check out his website at

    BTW, Yes, that’s Bob Duggar of the famous Duggar Family,