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State Meeting – Summersville, Feb 8

JOIN US for our next state party meeting to be held at Shoney’s in Summersville (off of Rt. 19 in Nicholas County) on Saturday, February 8,... 

Phil Hudok speaks at TEA Party meetings

On Friday, November 8, U.S. Senate candidate Phil Hudok gave an informative PowerPoint presentation to the Hampshire County TEA Party in Romney. The presentation... 

Community Decency Platform Updated

In response to today’s misguided Supreme Court decision, the Executive Committee of the Constitution Party of West Virginia, in meeting duly assembled,... 

US Senate Candidate Phil Hudok Inspires 2nd Amendment Resolution

Constitution Party 2014 U.S. Senate candidate Phil Hudok gave presentations to the Randolph County Commission and Board of Education regarding the proper... 

Animals Platform Position Adopted

At it’s October 31, 2012 meeting, the Executive Committee of the CPWV adopted the following platform position: Animals We support the responsible... 

Happy Constitution Day!

On this day in 1787 in Philadelphia, the Constitution for the united States of America was signed by delegates from twelve states (Rhode Island and Providence... 

CPWV Platform Position on Education Adopted

At the November 12, 2011 State Party meeting, officers of the CPWV adopted the following platform on Education: Thomas Jefferson once said, “If a... 

Resolution on the Presidential Ineligibility of Barack Hussein Obama

By unanimous consent of the CPWV Executive Committee at meeting duly assembled at Terra Alta, Preston County, WV, September 11, 2011, the following resolution... 

Motor Vehicle Laws Platform Position Adopted

By unanimous vote of its Executive Committee, at meeting duly assembled in Terra Alta, Preston County, September 11, 2011, the Constitution Party of West... 

Tea Party Hijackers

SOURCE: http://thirdpartypolitics.us/blog/2010/02/20/tea-party-hijackers by Raymond Kish, Vice-Chairman and 2010 Candidate CP of Missouri The Tea Party... 

Current Events

State Meeting – Summersville, Feb 8

JOIN US for our next state party meeting to be held at Shoney’s in Summersville (off of Rt. 19 in Nicholas County) on Saturday, February 8, 2014. The presentation portion of the meeting will begin promptly at 12:00 noon, and a number of members are planning to arrive around 11:00am to set-up and eat lunch first. As always, this is an open public meeting FREE OF CHARGE except of course for your own restaurant tab.
Based on the attendance of our previous meetings, we are expecting a good crowd. The tentative agenda is as follows:
* Candidate presentations
* The 7-foot tall Mr. Obama Head float: https://www.facebook.com/Mr.ObamaHead
* Petitioning for ballot access and how you can help
* Pending state legislation and Liberty bills that need your activism
* Nullification discussion
* Update on the Elk River water spill situation, Truth and activism
* The importance of the Glass-Steagall Act to reigning in the Banksters
* Convention of States Article V Con – What you should know about who is behind it
* Social Networking: facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
* News about a CPWVa special project of Historical Significance (news media research of it)
* Shirt sales and our other promotional materials
* Appleseed Project & other pro 2nd Amendment activities



We are on our way to ballot access for the General Election this year. Help us get our lead candidate Phil Hudok in the race for U.S. Senate. Please visit his campaign website at the following link for specific information on WHAT YOU CAN DO, or better yet, give us a call! http://hudok.com/index.php/sign-petition/

Phil Hudok speaks at TEA Party meetings

On Friday, November 8, U.S. Senate candidate Phil Hudok gave an informative PowerPoint presentation to the Hampshire County TEA Party in Romney. The presentation outlining the signs of the times included audio/video of the float which he designed that features a 7 and 1/2 foot high smoke-ring blowing Obama head. He explained how Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution was not being followed and how a return to the “Rule of Law” could undo the recent damage inflicted on the “Republic” by Mr. Obama and his globalist handlers.

Phil Hudok speaks to Nicholas County Tea Party - Oct 29 2013Previously, Phil had given his presentation to the Nicholas County TEA Party (October 29, 2013) and also at the God and Country rally in Elkins on July 4th


On the last Saturday in October, the CPWVa will be holding our bi-annual election of state party officers. This meeting will also feature DYNAMIC guest speaker, and noted publisher Joel T. LeFevre on the topic of “SECESSION – IRREFUTABLE PROOF that it was and still is is legal.”

WiFi and video presentations by:
* U.S. Senate candidate Phil Hudok (featuring a report on the Mr. Obamahead smoke-blowing parade float), and
* Lou Manley on the topic of our MISSING STATE CONSTITUTION. Freedom of Information requests to public officials are being ignored and even museum curators and state legislators cannot find the original signed document. This is a BREAKING STORY!!

We expect to have our new line of attractive custom apparel (T-shirts, long-sleeves, sweatshirts) available just in time for the crisp autumn weather.

Introduction of our growing slate of 2014 candidates. The Constitution Party of West Virginia IS ON THE MOVE!! The meeting is free, but food and drinks (no purchase required) are the responsibility of our guests.

DATE: Saturday, October 26, 2013
TIME: noon to 5pm
DIRECTIONS: Use the I-79 Star City exit.
Any questions, call or email us at (304) 591-7076, info@cpwva.org

Weekly Conference Calls – JOIN US !!

For the past year now, weekly conference calls have been held, usually on Wednesday evenings, open to the public to discuss plans and ideas for growing our party. All are welcome. However, due to the freeconference service and space availability, we need to know how many are planning to attend.

If you would like to participate in one of our calls, please send us an email, info@cpwva.org , and we will forward you the telephone and access numbers along with the latest agenda. Unless otherwise noted, all calls are scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm EST and run til approximately 9:30.


Convention Event on Facebook

Join us on Facebook at our event page created for our convention.


State Convention – SEPT 22

We had a PACKED House yesterday at our state meeting in Burnsville. Twenty-two patriots attended to hear eight different speakers. The date of our State Convention was set for Saturday, September 22, 2012. The location of this meeting will be the Barboursville Community Park in Cabell County. Email us for full details at info@cpwv.org.

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  • July 21 Meeting – 79er Diner

    The State Central Committee is pleased to announce our next State Party meeting – OPEN TO EVERYONE. The meeting will be held Saturday, July 21 at the 79er Diner in Burnsville, WV (Braxton County). This is very easy to get to because it is right at Exit 79 off of Interstate 79 (centrally located 79 miles north of Charleston). TIME: Noon to 5:00pm.
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    Nashville Convention Wrap Up

    Former Virginia Congressman, Virgil Goode has been nominated as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate for 2012. At the national party convention in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, Mr. Goode garnered 203 nomination votes. Darrell Castle (TN), the CP’s 2008 vice presidential nominee, received 120 votes, Robby Wells (SC) 58, Susan Ducey (KS) 15, and Laurie Roth (WA) 6.
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    Resolution on CP Presidential Candidates

    At its April 5, 2012 conference call meeting duly assembled, the CPWV Executive Committee adopted the following resolution regarding endorsement of presidential candidates by our delegates to the national party nominating convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Whereas, individuals have approached the Constitution Party and the Constitution Party of West Virginia to seek nomination for political office who have not before been affiliated with the Party,

    Whereas, we seek candidates who are committed to the Party’s platform,

    And, whereas we are interested in attracting candidates who are committed to the long term growth of the Party,

    Resolved, therefore, that we the members of the Constitution Party of West Virginia direct our delegates to the National Convention to support only candidates for President who pledge their unqualified endorsement of the Seven Principles of the Party platform, Read more